Given the name by her parents whilst she was still in the womb, Jenovia was predisposed to the strange and unusual.  After she lost her brother, mother, and father in the short span of six months at the age of 10,  she became drawn to the dark, macabre aspects of life and death. 

At 19, she set out on a journey around the world to see how other people chose to live and die.  After homes and jaunts in Chicago, Dallas, Istanbul, Austin, Tunis, Paris, Cannes, NYC, Monaco and London she found that she was happiest among her living and departed loved ones deep in the heart of Texas.  

An avid fan of taxidermy since childhood, Jenovia finds it cathartic to celebrate the beauty and bodies of animals that have passed on to the next realm.

She attended the Central Texas School of Taxidermy and works full time for Wildlife Artistry on a 3,000 acre ranch in West Texas.