Love & HappenStance

"I felt lost without my eyes on you."

A silence,
White washed over the color.
 I was no longer digging through the piles of hearts and eyes.
Deaf to the beating drum.
No longer blind to the past returned.

I would feel, 

These tools I will take,
to create, 
the most beautiful existence.

I'll give you love, devotion, I'll construct islands and become the ocean.

I'll surround you so that anywhere you step it is I that holds your body steady.

And when you're ready, 
I'll take you farther.

I'll be your partner, 
your playmate.

I'll give you pleasure, 
remind you of God, 
abolish false fate.

I'll give you more joy than you have ever known,
so much so you'll forget your roots, 
I'll become your home.