Twenty One

A plague on both our houses.
Self imposed.
No one knows, 
the cure to what ails me.
A tick then tock.
Clean lines.
Impeccable cock.
We made love, 
then we fucked.
Green laced with lean, I'm weak to the ways of the world.
Life beats you down, 
then love soon follows. 
Pop another Vy, 
Bat my eyes and pretend to try.
Pretend that I care, 
maintain the love stare, 
then go home and weep from sorrow. 
Do it again, 
rise to meet the world, 
with a deeper fury.
Sight still blurry, 
from the blood, 
the tears, 
the sweat. 
I have loved, 
and almost always lost.
The mother, 
the father, 
made to be a ghost of a daughter.
They always end up loving me, 
I always end up running.
Straight into my endless sea. 
Where I'm forever young.
A little one.
Stronger takes longer when you're too busy looking into the blue.