La Lune.

I was older then, back there when things were filled with youth and wonder.

My wonder was worry.
Physically a child,
my eyes always told the truth.

I walked through different days.
Saw with different shades.
And loved in different ways.

Tense but willing and able.
I arose to the occasion. 
I made sure my saga didn't turn into a short lived fable.

After the wandering, when the curtains were pulled back and I got to see things as they were, as they are, the heartbeats slowed.

The hands on the clock stopped.

Stillness, then rewind. 

I was propelled into a labyrinth. 
Where things are not always as they seemed, dark looming shadows attempted to envelop me, 
and a promise that when I neared the end I would find the one thing I desired.

I crossed oceans.
Drank potions.
And grew taller, wiser, stronger.

No shortcuts and no secret passages.  This was it. 

I was to fully learn the way of the world and just exactly what it took to be a woman then a little girl.

My prize would be the greatest pleasure earth and man has ever known.

The deepest feelings, so high I poked through ceilings. 

My moon, or as I call him La Lune.

I howl and he comes.
He calls and I run,
so deep into the darkest nights.

Illumination had finally come, no more living with shadows,
no more bumping my bones into those attempting to capture me, 
he would become the only one.

And so shall it be...until breath leaves body.