L Train

I've been peeled off.
Stripped and scrapped.
Still in one piece though.

I know what they want,
can't even front.

Still doesn't matter either way.

Silence has taken over my wonder and now the only thing that I hear is this heartbeat.

Slow but steady, damn I was so ready.

Affairs of the heart make broken lovers fall apart.

I see it every day. 

And just like that I woke from my double slumber. 

What was I thinking?

Love spells,
broken bells, 
no more singing or ringing.

I came here with many then was left alone.

There was a time I tried to link back with the others.

Silly baby, no one matters.

I don't care how much you'll love me. 

All or nothing.

Exactly what I want or old maid daze.

I'll live in a shoe,
lots of cats,
zero brats. 

If I love you, I love you, if I don't, I won't.

I don't want you, never wanted you, but you there, yes, you'll do.
Isn't that what happens these days? 

Selfish Susies laced with money hungry groupies.

Love got lost back there in May. 

Raise the white flag or go down in flames?